Would App Store Optimisation Be The Future Of Mobile Apps?

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Would App Store Optimisation Be The Future Of Mobile Apps?

When a new mobile application is launched it loses value because it gets lost in the vastness of other similar applications in its genre. Like website optimization, it is important that mobile app optimization should be looked into so as to keep mobile apps from dying a premature death upon its launch into the world of mobile applications.

The most common gadget that everyone uses in the world is their phones. People are on their phones almost 24×7. So when everyone is using their mobiles more than a laptop and with brands like Apple, Samsung and Google which are revolutionizing handsets by the moment and making people more and more dependent on their mobiles for every day basic usage.

Applications are now available for everything, from getting one’s groceries at an instant to having food delivered at your doorstep. So when questions like ‘would app store optimization be the future of mobile apps’ arises, the answer will be yes. A mobile consists of certain capacities and with the help of extendable memory systems, mobile handset providers are doing everything they can to enable mobile app creators to allow customers to easily access their applications without having any system issue.

Since a mobile is used for many purposes which include basic telephonic conversations, mobile phones have become a mini diary of a person’s day to day life. This includes taking pictures, sending messages, keeping notes and day to day reminders as to what are the jobs to be done. Now with the inclusions of app stores where there are hundreds of applications which are waiting to be downloaded, a customer gets lost in the myriad labyrinth of things and ends up using apps which are known by the most by general usage and knowhow.

Like a website, the goal of a mobile app is to generate traffic and have consumers download the app to gain easy access to the service being provided to them. Application search optimization is no longer a thing of the future, mobile apps are already here and so is its application.

According to several researches it has been found that most mobile applications have been downloaded from application stores like Google Play by ASO or application search optimization. This goes to show that the importance of optimization is thus not only crucial for the survival of an application but also shows that due to its easy accessibility certain mobile applications become a popular application to go to.

ASO is the future of mobile applications whether one wants to believe it or not. The bottom line for any application is survival and to survive a mobile application should have:
a. the right accessibility; this includes the right SEO,
b. system compatibility and
c. Should be Relatable.

People look into how many times the application has been downloaded, the reviews about the application, ratings as to how good the application truly is amongst other factors. A keyword in the title makes a whole lot of difference in the marketability of a mobile application and even changes the way most people look at an application.

An easy word or common word when used in the mobile applications it becomes more relatable and the fear of the unknown becomes less and only then do more and more people start downloading it to know more about the application.

Studies show that an application when it becomes easier for the common man to relate to it, it becomes more accessible to the people at large.

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