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X-Cart Software Development

  • X-Cart customization service includes modification and designing of existing functionality for all official releases of the same. X-cart development is helpful to any business owner who wants to start an online store within short time period, so that we can call it a complete eCommerce solution. X-cart is paid software.

    X-cart has two different features, one is named X-Cart Pro features and the second one is X-Cart Gold features. Hands In Technology provides both the facilities as per client’s requirements.

    X-Cart Pro features

    X-Cart Pro is an advanced edition of X-Cart Gold software designed to be operated in multi-vendor mode; it has the ability to operate in single-vendor mode as well. X-Cart Pro allows multiple vendors to share a single store for selling their products. Each provider manages his own products, orders, taxes, etc and is able to set their own shipping rates for pre-defined shipping methods independently of other providers. However the store has a joint catalog and a common checkout point, so the customer needs to place only one order. Customers see it like a single shop with different products, and they can purchase products from different providers at a time, and will get a notification from each provider they’ve bought products from. Respectively, each provider will get orders for his products only (however, it is assumed that the orders are delivered to the customer from the same origin address the store administrator specified).

    X-Cart Gold features

    When creating X-Cart Gold, all the necessary tools are included required to build a successful ecommerce store. Plus, X-cart software is constantly improving and upgrading according to requirements.


    X-Cart services at Hands In Technology includes:- 

    • X-Cart Web Design/Theme Design
    • X-Cart Custom Template Design
    • X-Cart shopping cart development
    • X-Cart module integration
    • X-Cart contribution integration
    • X-Cart contribution development
    • X-Cart SEO
    • X-Cart payment gateway integration

    At Hands In Technology an offshore web development company we offer X-cart web developmentX-cart development, X-cart customization services.

    For a complete quote for your X-cart development or X-cart customization requirements, contact us

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These guy are the very best you could ever want to perform any kind of designing tasks. We will use them for years to come.
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