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Software Development

  • Every Client is Unique, and no matter what your industry is we can develop the custom software you need. We dig deep into the foundations of your business to understand what makes it tick. Equipped with that important perspective we can provide the solution that is perfect for you since no two business are alike so why would everyone want the exact same software ?

    R Requirement 
    A Analysis 
    P Project scheduling and resource deployment 
    I interaction 
    D development and deployment of the solution 

    RAPID is a five stage process which enables a seamless integration between the client and us. We work on understanding the business model, mapping it to understand your needs and delivering our understanding of your business needs. 

    Requirement : when submitting your Request for Quote for web development, a detailed analysis for your web solution needs would always help. We require a precise and to the point summary for understanding your needs better. This is even more important as we are based in India, and typically in any outsourcing contract, it is essential that requirements are spelled out clearly. 

    Analysis : after this process is completed and we know what you need, we work out with our project management team and send you a complete analysis of what we think, would add value to your web project. We suggest changes and additions and deletion in order to come to a conclusion which would enhance value to the whole development. A quote is given at this point and acceptance taken from you. 

    Project : scheduling and resource deployment . We work on scheduling the work and assign dedicated team on your web projects. daily schedules are developed and communicated back to you in order to ensure you stay in control. Each deadline is sacrosanct and met with diligence.

     Interaction : When outsourcing, the key to better delivery is communication. We believe that unless updates are posted each day and reviewed, you would not be able to understand the progress and give feedback. We ensure that a daily reporting system is setup between our team and you. we have a in-house developed web application which seamlessly covers all your project development tasks. We call this as project serve .

    Development : deployment of you development projects 

Client Testimonials

Mark Benson Says -

The site looks really nice and weve gotten so many compliments on it! Excellent work :)
CEO (Bensons Company Inc)

John Doe Says -

These guy are the very best you could ever want to perform any kind of designing tasks. We will use them for years to come.
Director (John Company Inc)

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