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PHP Team

  • PHP department is the team of the professional PHP developers who are experienced in web development and PHP services. We have rich PHP portfolio of the projects with smart web design we created for our clients from all over the world.

    PHP team is the united group of developers specializes in custom website and application development with Zend Framework. All our development projects are multifunctional, secure and reliable in data processing. We are not afraid to take difficult software development tasks and implement them in time and within the required budget.

    We understand that software projects can vary deeply in the scope so their specifications always need to be studied carefully to choose the best approaches and tools for the development. That is what we do for our clients in every project: we help them to understand better the features of the future system and how it will work under different conditions.

    When you hire a dedicated PHP development team you hire not only the developers but a dedicated project manager who will facilitate they work and report regularly you on the system development process and any changes required.

    All the projects of PHP department are verified by the quality assurance team that ensures their proper wok in different environments and browsers. Also we use PHPUnit for the software testing.
    PHP team members are constantly searching for the new technologies and try them out at the work. 

Client Testimonials

Mark Benson Says -

The site looks really nice and weve gotten so many compliments on it! Excellent work :)
CEO (Bensons Company Inc)

John Doe Says -

These guy are the very best you could ever want to perform any kind of designing tasks. We will use them for years to come.
Director (John Company Inc)

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