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Social Networking Software

  • Social media is the latest tool for successful business now days. Hands In Technology helps its clientele to develop such software, the best way they can improve their business, users and clients as well. Social media is popular at present just because it keep connections between friends, relatives and colleagues doesn’t matter how far they are. 

    Social networking software is a web based software tool. That can be use and accessed by any user at any time with their network connection. Social networking software is useful to create an online community that will help users to be in touch with their friends and relatives.

     Basic Features of Social Networking Software for admin: 

    • Multiple admin facility
    • Automated Password verification
    • Admin can authenticate photos uploaded by users.
    • Admin can authenticate Videos uploaded by users.
    • Admin can send news letters to users as per schedules.
    • Admin can send E-mail notifications
    • Admin can create, edit and delete an advertising champagne
    • Admin can remind for any non violent activity done by user.

    Basic Features of Social Networking Software for users:

    • Users can create, edit and delete profile
    • Password authentication
    • Users will have privacy settings to share personal activities.
    • Users can organize an event and send notification of the event to friends and users.
    • Users can create community to promote his business or products.
    • Users can send testimonials to their friends and relatives using this web based software tool.
    • Users can upload and share their favourite Videos.
    • Users will have easy search criteria with all the necessities to find friends and relatives by their name, location and email id.
    • Scraps, SMS and personal messaging facility
    • Photo uploading & Photo sharing facility

    Hands In Technology also provides PHP web development, Symfony, Drupal development, Hire web developer, iPhone applications, Facebook apps, Social media websites, Zend PHP framework, Cake PHP development, Ruby on Rails (RoR), PHP programming. 

    An Opensource Content management system that includes Drupal, Joomla, osCommerce, X-cart, Zen cart, Magento. Hands In Technology also offers Ajax development, Flex development, Ajax programming, Flex programming, Website design, Flash animation, Graphic design, Banner creation, Custom logo designs, Web2.0 designs, Web2.0 development and Search engine optimization. 

    We have successfully provided Social Networking Software to our different clients based on USA, UK, Australia and Canada. 

    If you want to develop any Social Networking Software or to get quotation of our any other software development services mail us on

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The site looks really nice and weve gotten so many compliments on it! Excellent work :)
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These guy are the very best you could ever want to perform any kind of designing tasks. We will use them for years to come.
Director (John Company Inc)

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