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  • Magento is the latest open-source eCommerce solution offers extraordinary flexibility and control. While using Magento one can never feel trapped in eCommerce Solution again. Magento is a open-source so it is available for free to download.

    The ability to manage multiple websites and stores from one back-end is one of the most powerful features of Magento. Magento allows store owners to manage stores on different URLs, display the same products in different languages on the same URL, along with a variety of other setups. If you will only be selling your products from oneURL in one language you will not need to use this functionality, but the ability to easily expand into additional languages makes Magento scalable as your business grows out of your home market.

    The Magento eCommerce platform combines the flexibility of open-source technology with industry-leading features to provide merchants unprecedented control over store operations. Some of the major features are highlighted as follows.

    1. CMS Management 
    2. Catalog Management 
    3. Shopping Cart 
    4. Paypal Payment Gateway Integration [Else merchant details needs to be provided.
    5. SEO - URL Rewriting, Page wise Title, keywords and Meta Tags management 
    6. TAX / VAT - If supplied 
    7. Orders and Invoice Management 
    8. Featured Products 
    9. Top Selling Products 
    10. Multicurrency 
    11. Reports ? Sales wise / Customer Wise. 
    12. Discount Module 
    13. Newsletter Management 
    14. Tag Module 
    15. Customer Module 
    16. User Module 
    17. Cross Selling Products 
    18. Search 
    19. Shipping Module 
    20. Geography based customer Analysis 
    21. Inventory Module 
    22. FAQ?s 
    23. Product Wise Customer Review / Comments 
    24. New arrivals Feature / Arriving soon Feature / Customer Wishlist 
    25. Customizable Banner for advertisement and Promotions 
    26. Froogle Export / Google Base Feeds.

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