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  • iPhone & iPad Team

    iPhone applications department is young and dynamically expanding, and it is getting stronger in its positions every day. Our department is represented with 20 developers but counter is going on with new gifted specialists. There are young programmers who have just started working in our team as well as those who’ve been programming already for five years and more.

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    ANDROID Team

    ANDROID department is young and dynamically expanding, and it is getting stronger in its positions every day. We have successfully deployed more than 100 android applications in the android app market with most of them scoring positive users reviews. Our android app consultants will also guide you in refining your app ideas so that your application becomes a success in the app market.

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    PHP Team

    PHP department is the team of the professional PHP developers who are experienced in web development and PHP services. We have rich PHP portfolio of the projects with smart web design we created for our clients from all over the world.

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    CMS Team

    CMS department is a friendly team that consists of 6 persons. They are 3 experts in WordPress, PHP, JavaScript and HTML/CSS, one very creative designer, sales-project manager and a team lead. Everyone in CMS team is headed to reach our customer’s requirements. We always try to improve specification if we see a possibility to make a project better.

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    Flash Team

    Uncommon Flash team is always in good mood and ready to share it with the others. We are creative, reliable and experienced in RIA development. We always use creative approach towards the projects implementation that’s why no one can remain indifferent to them. Just look at them in Flash portfolio to get a proof.

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    .Net Team

    .NET is the department charged with positive energy, enthusiasm and high-level professionalism. Each of us is firm and courage enough to complete the assigned tasks properly and in time. Ongoing enhancement, knowledge exchange and efficient field achievements usage is the core of our successful team-work.

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    QA Team

    Quality Assurance department is the team that is intended to make every your project working perfectly in any environment. We make sure that any your idea is implemented flawlessly and according precisely to the specifications. Our work is embedded in every project presented in portfolio as all the developed systems have been verified thoroughly by members of our team.

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Mark Benson Says -

The site looks really nice and weve gotten so many compliments on it! Excellent work :)
CEO (Bensons Company Inc)

John Doe Says -

These guy are the very best you could ever want to perform any kind of designing tasks. We will use them for years to come.
Director (John Company Inc)

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