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CMS Team

  • CMS department is a friendly team that consists of 6 persons. They are 3 experts in WordPress, PHP, JavaScript and HTML/CSS, one very creative designer, sales-project manager and a team lead :). Everyone in CMS team is headed to reach our customer’s requirements. We always try to improve specification if we see a possibility to make a project better. You’ll always get our suggestions and proposals that will improve your business ideas. All specifications are discussed to find the best way for the project development.

    The main credo of our team is to make our customers happy with their ideas coming true. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with the quality of a completed project and code as well. We try to deliver standards compliant code that is very important for the website access, download speed and further upgrades.

    CMS department uses content management systems to develop sites of any complexity including e-commerce sites, multilanguage sites, newspaper sites and many others sites. Although CMS is extremely popular for blog and business card site creation.

    To achieve best results and faster deliveries we have developed our own framework – WordPress theme with integrated useful features. It helps to develop standardize SEO-friendly code and to avoid a lot of possible flaws as this code has been tested in many commercial projects. You may look at the themes in our portfolio.

    Besides themes we propose WordPress plug-ins development and modification of the existing ones. Using plug-ins you can get almost any functionality you need. Some of our open source plug-ins can be found here:

    • Plugin for creation dynamic, controllable slideshows or presentations for your website
    • QR (Quick Response) Code for your blog
    • QR Code based on Google Charts API for the blog on your website

    JavaScript is used within our solutions to increase visual attractively. JS scripts make sites more dynamical, creative and vivid. Almost every our site contains JavaScript.

    We have established friendly relationships with a lot of our customers and many of them have worked with us at a number of projects. You may take a look at our testimonials to know more about us from the customers point of view  :). Feel free to request a quote for CMS web development to define the price and time-frame for the project.

    Our team is constantly studying new widgets and ideas therefore we have internal classes where we discuss new technologies and approaches. We have established internal wisdom sharing system.  Every time someone meets new feature in the project or in related articles he makes a small presentation for the other team members explaining its usage and benefits.

Client Testimonials

Mark Benson Says -

The site looks really nice and weve gotten so many compliments on it! Excellent work :)
CEO (Bensons Company Inc)

John Doe Says -

These guy are the very best you could ever want to perform any kind of designing tasks. We will use them for years to come.
Director (John Company Inc)

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